About Legends…

Through the “Legends Ball, we’re excited to bring you an opportunity to network with other mature and like minded individuals; who live their life on the plateau of a Legend.

October quickly approaches and another “Legends Ball” nears. Are you ready? You are cordially invited once again to join us in celebrating “The Finer Things in Life.” Come and partake in three (3) days of:

  • Friday: An evening of mature social networking. The Cocktail Social will give you an oppurtunity to indulge in various libations to initially kick off the essence of the “Legends Ball” weekend. For your pleasure and comfort, please join us in a safe and controlled environment. The weekend has started!
  • Saturday: A  ceremonious dinner recognizing some of those that have selflessly taken steps to touch another person’s life. The “Legend of the Year” will be announced. There will also be live entertainment for your enjoyment. This is a dress to impress event. Please arrive appropriately attired. You do not have to break out the Giorgio Armani™ black tie and tuxedo; nor any Dolce & Gabbana™ flawless evening wear. We would merely request that you do NOT dress as if you’re “chill’n on the block” or headed to the gym.
  • Sunday: A cookout to close out the weekend. This event will be filled with spectacular food {some delicious home cooking} , good conversation, card games, prizes / giveaways, and plenty of fun and laughs {trust}.

We are offering you an opportunity to be apart of something special. This event continues to grow. And with it’s growth comes stronger connections, community interaction, and an unbridled unity. How could you NOT want to be a part of something as great as this?! We hope to see you there.